The cosmopolitan but undeveloped Fatorda I had promised to develop by seeking suggestions and guidance is today one of the fastest developing constituencies in South Goa. We have managed to ensure development with consent – a model that envisages prioritizing development as per the needs of the public. The same was done by holding ‘Sunday Dialogues’, a peoples forum for participating in development and also forum to get your issues addressed and resolved right at your doorstep.
One of the major achievements I feel i have been able to accomplish in Fatorda is the improvement of road infrastructure in Fatorda. Today we have almost all, if not all internal and major road hot-mixed and in  impeccable condition. SO also five of the 6 major roads in Fatorda have been widened. The road infrastructure has also been supported by pedestrian safety like delineators, rumbler strips, speed breakers and foot paths wherever necessary. Care has also been taken to ensure minimum damage to our environment whereby we have gone the extra mile to ensure coconut trees were not killed but rather uprooted and re planted at an alternative location.
Whist taking care of the infrastructural and developmental needs of Fatorda care was also taken to give Agriculture the much needed boost to ensure it does not fade, by subsiding all the necessities of the occupation to the farmers of Fatorda right from seeds, fertilizers, harvesting including construction of proper markets ‘Farmers Market’ for post harvest sale of the produce.
Fatorda has also become a hub for cultural activities, whereby all major festivals including  Shigmo, Carnival, Sao Joao, Shri Krishna Vijaiotsav & Navratri have been celebrated with such grandeur and gaiety that the celebrations in Fatorda have reverberated all across the state as the best organized events in Goa.
‘Women of Fatorda’ is a brand that has been meticulously curated and created in Fatorda over the years that has today become one of the biggest self help group communities in the state. The range of products being manufactured by the ‘Women of Fatorda’ has gained enormous acclaim and has helped the women of Fatorda establish themselves as emerging entrepreneurs in society.
So also the youth have been provided with opportunities in sports by the construction of the ‘We for Fatorda’ ground in Murida. The ground has been constructed keeping in mind the need for today’s generation to stay fit and exercise after having been provided ‘Hi-Five Wi-Fi’ a free Wi-Fi facility being the first of its kind in the state.

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